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the guy who shut down the guy tonight for san francisco. standing by with sergio romo. kenny, take it away. >> ken: sergio, get the final out of the world series. you are emotional right now. what's going through your mind? >> feel very blessed. beyond blessed. these guys let me taking along for the ride. beyond blessed, for sure. >> ken: the last inning, obviously you have cabrera to end it. you have a difficult tigers lineup. a team that played much better tonight. what are you thinking out there on the mound? >> got to get the job done. they have relied on me and they have had confidence in me all year long to just do what i can do, just be me on the mound. these guys let me be myself. they don't hold me back. they give me the confidence i need and they have the faith in me. unreal. couldn't let anybody down, especially anybody wearing orange and black. >> there were ten thousand people watching at the san francisco civic center outside. anything you want to say to them? >> world champs, baby, world champs! we aren't alone, you guys deserve it as well. >> ken: congratulations. >> yeah,
what we collectively did. this twelve san francisco giants found a way to get it done, whoever's name was called. that's what will be remembered. >> pitching and defense, how good was it? >> you saw for yourself. it was good enough to find a way to be here right now. >> hunter, thanks. congratulations. back to you. >> ken, thank you. hunter pence came along relatively late in the ride. ryan theriot, tonight, scoring that winning run on phantom cam and it's an image that will be looked at over and over again in san francisco. erin andrews standing by with the giants game one here row, barry zito. erin. >> matt, thanks so much. here right now with barry zito, who really everyone on this pitching staff credits your efforts in game five of the nlcs, really giving this game momentum, new life. how good -- you said you looked like a football player, but how good does this feel right now? >> this feels incredible. it's surreal. everyone helped out from the start. three games in cincinnati, no one had done that in a couple years. game five in lcs i was blessed with having the game of
, the guy that ended the season last year as a san francisco giant is the last hope for the cardinals to extend it. but in all a quiet ending, it appears, for the cards in one of the loudest ballparks in baseball. a tremendous rookie season as manager for mike matheny, who has handled himself so well, regular season, postseason. standing in the rain watching beltran take ball 2. 2-0. beltran tonight, one out of four. the giants team that won it all two seasons ago, one out away. ball 3. >> tim: that's the first pitch that lopez had problems with. if he walks beltran, the grounds crew may come out and put something on the mound. >> joe: here's the 3-0. 3-1. second walk of the inning and it's two on with two out. now bruce bochy is going to go to the bullpen and call on romo. with holliday coming up, we will have a pitching change with two out. as we play here in the rain in san francisco. service would you choose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a differen
to david freese. >> it's like a soccer crowd here in san francisco. >> tim: if it does go to game seven this will be the loudest crowd in the major leagues tomorrow night. >> joe: here is a i 1-1, one out, nobody on. freese. strike two. [ cheering ] >> tim: slider. >> joe: two out. >> tim: to know what pitch a lot of pitchers throw. all you to do is watch the catcher. mover outside for romo, a slider is on his way. >> joe: now descalso with two out, nobody on. daniel, 1 for 3. this good bullpen for the giants flexing its muscles here tonight. affeldt, casilla, romo. strike one. >> joe: strike two. [ cheering ] >> joe: pagan. game over! game seven tomorrow night. [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: bruce bochy and his sixth season as manager of the san francisco giants. lead his team tomorrow night to try to get them to their second world series in his time here in san francisco. cardinals will be trying to fight their way back to defend their title. >> it's remarkable the fifth straight elimination game confronted head on by bruce bochy. and his giants have won every one of them. >> joe: his
pitching again here tonight. by san francisco. vogelsong, lincecum, romo. >> tim: it bears repeating, joe, the detroit tigers were shut out twice this year during the regular season. 162 games. they have been shut out two games in a row. both #-nothing losses in the world series. unbelievable. >> joe: in the national league you have to go back to the 1919 reds who did it to the white sox. the white sox scandal in the world series. back-to-back shutout. last time in world series play. 1966 orioles over the dodger dodgers. bruce bochy has to be elated with the job his club has done. they got a big swing of the bat tonight from gregor blanco. and they rode the right arms of vogelsong, lincecum and romo to a 3-nothing series lead. here is how it ended. as posey hung on. a foul tip, strike-out and romo got his second save of this world series. the giants celebrate their one win away. from their second world championship. in their last three years and their second since moving to san francisco. back in '58. go down to chris myers. >> chris: joe, i'm with ryan vogelsong. another huge pitching pe
evening. in san francisco if there is a game six and it's looking more and more like that will take place. if there's a game seven. kyle lohse and matt cain. vogelsong so good in game two. here's the 2-1. that's a foul ball, 2-2. >> tim: and the way giants fans love their gigantes, that place will be rocking on sunday night if we get there. >> joe: vogelsong in game two. allowed 7, allowed one run or four hits. here's the 2-2 pitch. two out. geico in-game box score for the giants. they have six hits on the night. only one home run among the six and that happened moments ago with sandoval leading off here in the eighth. sandoval scored a couple of times. a base hit for posey. two-run single by the number 8 man, brandon crawford. that four-run fourth. here's brandon belt, who is now 0 for 14 on the road during this postseason. takes the strike. with two out, nobody on, the 0-1 pitch. down and in. the cardinals will be turning to chris carpenter, who is 10-3, his career during the postseason. a starter and loser in game two when he went two, allowed five runs, only two earned on six hits. th
-3. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> joe: what's it going to be in the bottom of the ninth inning? a live shot of san francisco civic center where 10,000 people who love their giants are watching, wondering if they will be celebrating in the bay area a second championship since the team moved out west in '58. they won it in 2010. they lead three games to nothing as we play in the bottom of the ninth inning. tie game. andy dirks first up against affeldt. strike 1. he ties up dirks. >> tim: this is why jim leyland loves dirks hitting against left-handed pitching because he's short to the ball. he often hits the ball to left field against left-handers. hit .274 against them in the regular season. >> joe: casilla still up in the bullpen. two strikes with peralta, the right-handed hitter, on deck. so a battle of the bullpens. that's what we have gotten to here in game four. avila struck out the side in the eighth. phil coke struck out the side in the ninth. the 0-2. breaking ball stays up. ball 1. dirks now in battle mode with two strikes. we've seen affeldt talk to himself a lot while he's out there pitching. >> tim: a
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are through 6 1/2 on a beautiful night in san francisco. carlos have left eight and been shutout through seven. we will take you back to the all-star game in kansas city. matt cain, the starter and winner. pablo sandoval with a three-run triple. and the formally suspended melky cabrera was the all-star mvp to give home field advantage for the national league in this upcoming world series. and sandoval and cain right in the middle of all of it here in game seven, trying to get the giants there. it will start on wednesday night, and it could very well start here in san francisco. on the air 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific wednesday night. now we join public address announcer renel brooks moon for the introduction of got bless america. >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your caps as we honor america and our military troops around the world with the singing of god bless america. please welcome multi-platinum recording artist, 16-time grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer, who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, brian mcknight! [cheers and applause] ♪ god bless america l
-2/3. take a break. come back to san francisco after this.   >>> first on fox 5 the shocking video now the sun of a police investigation, hear from the man who shot it. >> plus captain chaos, what rg3 had to say about chris cooley's return. >> and wait till you hear how much d.c. traffic cameras raked in tonight after the game. >>> what a night for the home crowd here in game one. a final of 8-3. zito over verlander here in game one. we'll send it across the field, out in left-field, our guys on the set. matt vasgersian, it's all yours. >> matt: joe, thanks. here with harold reynolds, eric karros, a.j. pierzynski. guys, as you know it's rare when a game one story becomes the enduring story throughout a whole world series. but when you consider willie mays played in 20 world series. had 70 world series at-bats and never hit one home run, pablo sandoval's performance tonight becomes more impressive. >> you know what was cool about it, at home in the ballpark. albert pujols did it last year in the world series. on the road in texas. but to do it here, it reminds me of reggie jac
:00. >> no rest for the weary. thanks. >>> if the nats win tonight, they will play the san francisco giants sunday. you can watch it right here on fox 5. game one of the world series scheduled for wednesday, october 24th, is also on fox. >>> following a big story from colorado tonight where police say a child predator is on the loose responsible for the death of a 10-year-old girl who went missing last week. fox's dan springer reports. >> reporter: a body found near denver, colorado, identified as the missing 10-year-old girl. >> the body that was found in arvada has been positively identified as jessica ridgeway, the missing girl from westminster. the family has been notified. we can't begin to comprehend the grief that they're going through. >> reporter: jessica's body was discovered in the park wednesday about 7 miles from her home. police say they're now focusing on finding a suspect. >> we recognize that there is a predator at large in our community. i want the community to know that we are doing everything within our power to apprehend that individual. >> reporter: jessica began the short
if they're playing that in san francisco because they are still celebrating. partying like it's 1999. >> true. >> 1949? >> more like 1949. energy for game seven. cardinals hay 3-1 lead in this series but then with defense like this. pete kozma just took the wrong step. pablo sandoval, they call him the kung fu panda. i claim that is the best nickname in sports. it is an affectionate term out this in fran. this game went to 9-0 and the final out here in the monsoon out in san francisco. celebrating. play that big band music. that is what you do. now, you're one step away from winning the whole thing. it is san francisco. it is detroit in the world series. shameless plug beginning tomorrow night here on fox 5. these guys don't go away. they were down 2-1 to cincinnati, came back and one. san francisco is pretty darned good. we talked about fred davis' injury yesterday the achilles tear. he is out for the year. so that means chris cooley, welcome back, captain chaos. the guy who is the all-time leader for receptions for a tight end in the history of the washington redskins is back. of c
with a star- studded event in san francisco t includes john legend and will i am. >>> one of the staffers at in florida decided to weekend romney's face with a napkin. he laughed it off but and to look uncomfortable. >>> we'll tell you who came out on top in the election with hugo chavez. >> and more cases of fungal meningitis as the outbreak spreads to more states. we'll have an update on that and new information about the pharmacy that distributed the product. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class? according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> hugo chavez has won re- election. he received about 54% of vote of course his closest race yet. he will seven another six-year term in wh
, funny story -- not funny but ironic. san francisco was on the tarmac friday night in the ninth inning set to travel to washington, d.c. when we know what happened. instead, they are hosting the first two games in san francisco. never got off the plane. is that unbelievable that they were ready to leave more d.c. when they saw what was happening and said i guess we don't have to go anywhere. cardinals go out to san francisco. game 2 tonight on fox ironically again. the cardinals had a 6-0 lead and almost blew it but they did hold on for the 6-4 win. there was action outside of the lines in the nfl this weekend. this is the nfl network report. watch what happens during a live broadcast. >> i don't want to see it. >> incoming. he never misses a beat. it hit the mic flag and he just went right on. i heard the whole report. i have had something like this happen to me. ironically with the nats this year, i had adam and right in the middle of the live interview, ryan zimmerman and the boys decide to parade through and around us. >> remember that. >> these guys do this sort of thing. that was
. >> but it wasn't his night. justin verlander with a tough outing in san francisco. dave ross has the sports breakfast coming up next.  [ male announcer ] if barack obama is s re-elect, what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors. five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> welcome back. dave ross is in the house. >> good morning. >> i didn't get a lot of sleep last night. i stayed up and watched the kung fu panda. >> you got to do what you got to do. >> it is pablo sandoval. the best nickname in sports. i know i was here yesterday and i said i liked detroit. >> what did i say? >> you liked san francisco. this guy, justin verlander, we didn't expect that, the high fast ball. pablo sandoval again. this time with a map on. a two-run shot
in part for the jet stream. probably saw the rain last evening and at the baseball game in san francisco so big dip in the jet stream out to the west. that is allowing the jet treatment to retreat here in the east. allowing this big dome of very warm air to set up across the mid-atlantic for the week. nice looking conditions the next couple of days. 79 this afternoon. sun and clouds. beautiful afternoon for you. winds south and west at five to 10. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. next several days, temperatures trending well above normal with lots of sunshine. things break down this weekend. combination of a cold front and perhaps tropical storm sandy. we have to watch the eventual track of sandy. bottom line, look like some clouds around here for the end of the weekend. by monday, high temperature, 54 degrees. it will feel like october. let's get the latest from julie on traffic. >> you will fine traffic volume moving at speed each way at the wilson bridge. again, chopper brad live over the scene. traffic is able to squeeze by single file to the right as you make your way
this 2012 for crawford. and he is well over .300 away from san francisco. he has played a great shortstop. game in with 18 straight errorless games. the most important position out there in the field. avila wants to make sure with a runner at second. he will go talk to anibal sanchez. tomorrow night, the matchup, matt cain/max scherzer. game four. right after football on fox. the great late game of the giants-cowboys. the 2-2 pitch. got him looking. the inning is over. big pitch by sanchez. he strikes out eight on the night. looking for some run support. something he has struggled to get all season long. whether it in miami or here in detroit. it's 2-nothing, giants. time to stretch. here in detroit. we go to public address announcer bobb vergiels for the introduction of "god bless america." >> ladies and gentlemen, will you all please rise as we pay tribute to america and welcome staff sergeant emie gould of the 126 army band united states army as she leads us in the singing of "god bless america." >> ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her ♪ t
tweets on the . >>> san francisco was in a frenzy. the giants finished off an improbable comeback and beat the cardinals a third straight game to win the national league pennant. the final was 9-0. the giants now move on to face the tigers in the world series beginning tomorrow night. >>> we have still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >>> good morning on this tuesday, october 23rd. taking a live look right now at the u.s. capitol dome and nice and quiet out there this morning. a little brisk i guess you could call it. temperatures in the 50s right now. as tucker mentioned, things will be going up later on today temperature wise o. good morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get to tucker right now and get the latest on our forecast. >> feels a lot like it did yesterday at this time. >> it's a little bit warmer than yesterday but it is cooler outside with temperatures falling back to the 50s, a few 40s out there but we're shaping up to have a great tuesday at least temperature wise. a little more in the way of cloudiness but no complaints. 53 this mo
.a. >> reporter: from san francisco to san diego, redding to redondo, californians are cringing at the pump. >> it really is frustrating. >> reporter: in many cases frustrating is the nicest word drivers in the golden state are using when reacting to gasoline prices that have spiked in the neighborhood of 52 cents just in the last week. >> i think those prices are ridiculous. >> people working, they need a break. it's too high. it's way too high. >> i try not to drive unless i really have to. >> $10 in gas doesn't even give me a 1/4 tank, so it's really out of control. >> reporter: the official average of california's gas is 4.67 a gallon, the highest on record with many stations above five bucks for regular unleaded. experts blame the increased costs on higher demand, california's strict standards that don't allow for gas imported across state lines and refinery outages which led to decreased supply. the gas spike has politicians scrambling with just four weeks until election day. governor brown has changed california's requirements to the less stringent winter standard to help increase
. the the redskins made it official with chris collie and the baseball was a blowout game in san francisco. >> and where is dave ross? >> yeah. >> and you heard the since oftony bent? >> yeah. >> and he sang god bless america in one of the two areas. >> i did not know that. >> i implore you, do it again for the world series. >> it was? >> it was a treat. >> i don't know those days, but -- . >> 89. >> and he sounds great and to get him out there was spectacular. >> all right. >> he's not 89. >> did you make that up? >> yeah. >> i bought it. [ laughter ] >> and it was in san francisco. i can come out and sing every game, right? >> and st. louis thought they had this wrapped up awhile ago. nope, they had a 3-one lead and the giants make three straight and looks like little league baseball out, there the way the cardinals were kicking it around all over the place. a 2-0 game, goes to 5-0 like that and the route was on and the giants increased the lead and win it 9-0 and win that series this dra-- in dramatic fashion in seven games and game one here against the tigers tomorrow night on fox 5. h
. the giants sent zitto to the bump and big against the cardinals. san francisco won in zitto's last 13 starts and baseball's best pitcher to verlander who has been unhittable in three seasons and starts a .74 e.r.a. and 25 strikeouts. >> had the opportunity to pitch in the world series before and it was my rocky year, though, and everything was a whirlwind. you know, and i don't think i appreciated the magnitude of how hard it is to get there, and, you know, i think i in a -- i had a rude awakening in the years after that and it allows me to appreciate it more that i am here now. >> and the wizards play their second to last preseason game in kansas city against the heat. brian, back to you. >> thank you. >>> and 70s and 80s to be real 75 for a high and cool or friday, 73 with a few more clouds and then on saturday, 70 degrees the spotty shower is possible and that is -- brian? >> keep it here. our news edge fox 5 you decide 2012 special is coming up next.
the latest price of gas has dropped. the lowest is in oklahoma at $3.26. san francisco is the highest at $4.51 a gallon. aaa says gas prices are 25 cents higher than this time last year. >>> arlington national cemetery is set to announce the launch of its new app, the anc explorer will be able to help people find grave sites. several military members will demonstrate the application beginning at 3:15 this afternoon. anc explorer will be available across common web browsers and smart phones. >>> the roman catholic church has elevated seven new signs. lauren green has the story. >> reporter: the celebration and tried for one of them who is now a saint. >> i thought i would never see this in my lifetime. >> it is our job to share this with the world and let them know about it. >> reporter: she is known as the lily of the mohawks and now more than three centuries after her death, the bless he had kateri tekakwitha is the first to be cannonnized. >> it means everything not only to us catholics but to all native people. our traditional people who never accepted the faith. >> reporter: she was bor
championship series with the san francisco giants awaiting. this is historic. this is as good as it gets right now for our nationals. >> yes, it is. dave ross, thank you so much. >>> let's talk about this. zumba is an intense work out. up next, what one zumba instructor was allegedly offering was a bit more than just exercise. >> we are checking headlines next. stay with us. [ barack o obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? >>> the nobel peace prize making headlines this morning. the oner was announced about 40 minutes ago and this year's peace prize is going to the europ
in san francisco. dave ross will have a preview. >> doesn't seem right. we'll go on anyway . the redskins may be 3 and 4. there's hope they can go to pittsburgh and come back with a win. why? rgiii. this town is in love with this guy. we'll talk steeler ands skills. speaking of love. >> i'm in love. i'm not sure even you dave look this good in a tux. check out carlos. is he cute or what? thank you for the kisses. he is dressed for the love ball. going on in less than two weeks. benefits the humane society. coming up live later we're going to tell you firsthand why you want to make sure you take advantage of the invite. they need you. we'll tell you all about it. >> we're getting a look at the center and lighter -- thinner and lighter ipad mini. and half the weight. but at $329, it's not as cheap as the competitors out there. the kindle fire starts at $159. and the barns and nobody nook and nexus 7 start at $199. we'll be right back. anncr: seven-hundred-thousand jobs. that's what the plan george allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive." lik
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game one action tonight in san francisco. you know what i love about the giants? >> candy maldonado. >> besides that, tony bennett. i say bring out tony bennett to sing every game. but this guy is a beast. miguel cabrera. i don't think we talk enough about him on the detroit side. what is the last time that we had a triple crown winner in the major league baseball, wisdom mart anybody. >> it was about a billion years ago. >> it was 1967. -- wisdom martin. >> it was carl yastremski. nobody is talking about the tigers. they've got their ace justin verlander going tonight. they're probably going to play him three times. how is san francisco going to win? >> they are going to win, sick games. >> because of the ghost candy maldonado. >> i like their colors. >> candy maldonado is 52 years old and retired. >> hates he get back to sarah and tucker. >> see how he just cuts wisdom off there. he's like you're done talking. >> wisdom wasn't making a whole lot of sense there. >> welcome back from vacation. >> he was kuhn of -- kind of all over the place. >> we have temperatures all over the plac
to do. san francisco is an incredible story. they staved off elimination six times in a row in the postseason. >> okay, they deserve it. >> they've been a resilient team. >> who you pick something. >> san francisco giants in six games. they had the guy with the beard a couple of years ago. >> he is hurt. >> he is hurt. >> because of the beard? >> what about the guy with the steroids? >> we're in the going to go there. >> sarah, who you picking? >> i pick the giants too. >> i'm taking detroit in five. it all starts tonight on fox 5, shameless plug. >> you know what? candy maldonado, is he still playing? >>> thank you, dave. and today, we say hello to george harris. george tells us fox 5 has been part of his daily ritual for the last decade and says thanks for always getting the day off to a great start. we try. we do our best here at fox 5. >> candy maldonado? >> how about warren spahn. is he still playing? >> don't trample on george's time. he's our fan of the day. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and
. but in the course of the season, the way the guys evolve as a group, i mean you have got san francisco healthy, they have brian wilson who is in his own solar system leading the way out there. then the cardinal bullpen is a good group. we understand they as a group shot something on fox, which will air maybe tomorrow night. 3-2 pitch. foul tip. got sanchez. he has had a long night behind the plate. >> tim: you don't mind a foul tip like that coming in close game. but an 8-1 game, catchers feel like there is no justice. hitting on the top of the right foot. that is an interesting point, because both of these, there are no villains on either of the teams. they both have great personalities as groups and as individuals. >> joe: sanchez really hurt. >> tim: yeah. that ballgame down. there was no rushing blow. came down, right on top of the right foot. i believe it missed that part of his shin guard. yeah, it did. it went right, those are not hard-toed shoes. if those were hard-toed shoes, a catcher couldn't squat. they fiddle with those things in the '60s but they couldn't get the flexibility in t
impressive. picked up from kansas city. a guy that has got some big outs for san francisco out of their pen. matt carpenter first up, then holliday, then adron chamber chambers. st. louis leading 3-1. bottom of the eighth inning. ball one, outside. >> joe: here is a 1-0. one ball, one strike. george kontos, the right-hander, got a lefty to start the inning, then a right-handed hitting holliday, then the lefty chambers. the 1-1. strike two. beltran left after one. carlos injured his knee. carpenter got the opportunity. in his first at-bat in the third inning hit a two-out, two-run shot to right. to make it 2-1 st. louis. they lead 3-1. now a 1-2 pitch. got him looking! one away. >> tim: good slider to get matt carpenter. and that may have kept mijares in the ballgame. had carpenter gotten on, i doubt he would have been pitching to matt holliday. >> joe: instead, he will. holliday ,0-3. just 2 of 11 in this nlcs. eight for 35 this post season. one home run. >> joe: in case you're joining us late, matt holliday was involved in that controversial slide at second base the first inning of game tw
down the skins in dramatic fashion. >> yes, they did. also the san francisco baseball giants are one step away from an improbable comeback. dave ross is live with us from the garden state, and before you get into, you know, all the sports stuff, dave, tell us why you're stuck in new jersey. >> what are you doing, dave? >> reporter: well, first of all, tony and allison, nobody loves the great state of new jersey more than yours truly. okay so we wanted to spend more time coming back to the studio and being with you guys person. we decided to break down on the turnpike so that we could get code to what exit? i think exit five and stay here in west burlington, i don't know where in jersey. we've been looking for the body of jimmy hoffa, have yet to find it. i never realized how much i loved dc until i spent two days in jer write. so for whatever that's worth. the fourth quarter yesterday was superlative. you had two quarterbacks, i was talking to doc walker afterwards in the postgame show. doc and i agree right now, there might not be a bigger play than eli manning. rg3 held his own far
is made in san francisco. pablo sandoval became the fourth player to ever hit three home runs in a game. the giants went on to beat the tigers 8-2. >>>
campaigning in california speaking to donors at a $20,000 per ticket dinner in san francisco monday night. the president saying it is time for them to get, quote, almost obsessive. mr.obama urging supporters to do more to reach out if their families and friends in the battleground states. republican presidential nominee mitt romney meeting with voters in virginia. >> he would continue to spend a trillion dollars more than we take in every year n my view, that is immoral and wrong. if i'm president of the united states, i i will cut federal spending. i will cut it and get us on tracky to balanced budget. >> reporter: his running mate paul reinholding a rally in michigan monday night. he is support the by kid rock. >> i'm proud to say they have had elected our first black president. all right. i'm sorry he didn't do a better job. i really wish that he would have. >> reporter: the wisconsin congressman strongly criticizing the obama administration. >> we lost four auto factories in the area i represent in just the last four years. i come from detroit west, trust me. we know we need a healthy
. they beat the san francisco giants here on fox 5 last night 8-3. they led the series three games to one. the world series begins next wednesday right here on fox 5. >> it could have been. >>> the redskins travel up north to face the new york giants but not before another friendly competition between the offense and the defense. >> another installment of our four down showdown. this week, tight end niles paul takes on linebacker chris wilson with our lindsay murphy providing the questions. >> reporter: this is week seven of the four down showdown. these two are already going at. it the defense is winning 4-1 so niles paul, you got some work to do, buddy. >> they call me the comeback kid. >> who calls you that? >> everybody. >> you think the defense will win again? >> absolutely. >> what makes you think that? >> that's all we do. >> all they do is win. first down, name two of the five boroughs in new york. >> i'm talking like bronx. >> queens. >> all right. >> 1-0 offense. second down. the annual regular season meeting between the mets and yankees is known as the -- >> subway. >> subway r
san francisco goes up by a run. and then reliever sergio romo closed out the tigers. the giants win their second world series in the last three years. >> a little football, shall we? the redskin in pittsburgh. the steelers jumped out to a 10- point lead. wash would get on the board. pittsburgh went to score five of the first six possessions to win 27-9. the skins killed themselves with an nfl season high 10 dropped passes. opped p >>> the hurricane is affecting the presidential race. president barack obama is scrapping plans to campaign in three states and will instead attend only one rally this morning in florida. he will be back at the white house to monitor the campaign. mitt romney canceled three stops in virginia yesterday and an event scheduled in new hampshire for tomorrow. >>> hurricane sandy is also causing some trouble with early voting. the lines stretched around some polling places ahead of the storm on saturday. look at the line there. fox 5's maureen umeh sat down with mark plotkin to talk about more on this. >> reporter: fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us n
:00. san francisco's run to the world series is one of the more improbable ones. facing elimination six time this is postseason they passed the test all six times. waivers on hand last night. bottom of the 3rd, the giants lead 2-0. hunter pence with the bases loaded. base hit past shortstop pete kozma. one giant scores and pablo sandoval motors home. jon jay with an error allows buster posey to clear the bases making it 5-0 giants. right now take a look at pence's hit here. the ball breaks the bat. and then the ball hits the bat. two more times and then the follow through. amazing. top of the 9th now. 9-0. and pouring matt holliday with two on, flies attestor scutaro who was named the series mvp. the giants blank the cards to advance to the world series. the manager bruce bochy knows the team has magic on his side. >> we're a little number right now to be -- number right now to be honest you know with our backs to the walls as long as they've been. and to do this. this is a special group. they -- they never say die attitude. they didn't want to go home. and they found a way the get it d
three across the nation. the tom tom is behind the study. d.c. ranks behind l.a. and san francisco. actually good news, because we have been number one for many years. d.c. commuters who drive 30 minutes to work spend an additional 80 hours a year in their cars because of congestion. >> somebody has been prank dialing the nypd, but not on purpose. the new york city emergency system received nearly 4 million accidental calls a year. the majority of those are butt dialing. people calling 911 from mobile phones in their pockets. >> that's horrible, because they can't tend to real emergencies. >> it's excessive and somebody needs to do something about the butt dialing. you know, it's a pry on society, obviously. >> a national report finds responders are finding it difficult to handle all the calls. they are required to stay on the phone, even if there is silence to find out if the call is related to an emergency. perjury officials are concerned that will lead to less response time. >>> you may be searching for a deal on your meds. buying prescription drugs online presents a whole n
championship series between the giants and cardinals. san francisco jumped out quick scoring five runs in the first two innings. two innings. ryan vogelsong pitched seven strong innings and the giant won 6-1 and force a deciding game seven tonight. >>> the winner moves on to the world series and can you catch all the action here on fox 5. the cardinals will send kyle loshe to the mound and the giant have matt kaine and the coverage against at #:00 p.m. >>> a unique race in salt lake city, utah where dozens of people raced their giant pumpkins across the pond. >>> ross bowman stood up in his giant gourd shouting with excitement. finally a victory for the pumpkin grower. >> i raced last year and i got third again. i've been third four times with my pumpkins on weight and so it is about time i got first on something. >> reporter: what was his secret to reining first place for best grower in -- winning first place for best grower? >> i planted my vine so sew that they grew north and south instead of east and west. >> reporter: you may also wonder how do you race a pumpkin anyway? participa
underway from san francisco. the cards are up 4-0. baumgartner with two outs and beltran does yardwork to leftfield. the cards build a 6-0 lead. giants antsy with 4 in the bottom of the 4th. in the bottom of the 9th we pick it up, san fran with tieing run at the plate. scutaro, hot shot down the right side and nice snag by allen craig. jason not recovers and get it's to first and 6-4 is the final, cards grab game one. >> at game two of the nlcs, that can be seen her tonight on fox 5. the pitching match-up, the cardinals chris carpenter versus vogle song. starting at 8:00. >> brian over to you. >> let's look at forecast. >> we doing have some showers moving through the area and a couple are heavy. especially down here toward the culpeper area moving into elk run. so another couple of hours for these and then i think we'll be done and tomorrow looks a lot drier. so a very good-looking day for us. our temperatures, if we can pop up the seven-day forecast, and i bet we can't because i don't have it up. i wanted to talk about radar. we'll have another nice day tomorrow, about 66 degrees. it
it doesn't rain out there in san francisco. they have a closure named surgio romo. the giants have saved off elimination. the reason why i'm peaking the tigers is two fold. justin is the best pitcher. miguel cabrera. he won the triple crown, led the league with 330 average, 44 home runs and 139 rbis. first guy to win the triple since 1967. we're talking about something that hasn't happened in 45 years. so the tigers have a big two. the giants are the little engine that could. they are pretty good but had the fewest home run in all of the major leagues. >> doesn't seem fafrment >> right. >> so if the nats had won, probably could have gotten past the giants. >> the national league won it. matt cane was the winning pitcher for the giants to win the all star game and they have home field advantage. >> all right. dave ross. >> maybe next year. >> talk to you later on. >>> coming up a possible solution to ease traffic, lower pollution and prevent accidents. a car that drives itself. >>> what the dc council is doing to bring this new technology to the nation's capital. >> details about this w
in san francisco. a serving up of this morning's sports breakfast is next. >> looking more likely that a monster storm will hit our area, at least the mid-atlantic and northeast in the coming days. up next, a closer look at what we can expect. >> as we take you to the break, a live look at fort lauderdale, florida, where the surf is kicked up from hurricane sandy. we're going to get the latest on its forecast track and talk with the national weather service about the super storm and get an update on friday traffic from julie wright. it's all coming up next. >>> we're back with a check of this morning's big sports headlines. the san francisco giants are halfway to a world series title. they shut out the detroit tigers 2-0 in game two. 14 of the last 15 teams that have won the first two games have won the world series. today is a travel day. the series resumes tomorrow night in detroit. detroit was only shut out twice during the season. >> is that true? wow. >> then shut out last night. >> giants seem to have the magic going. >> i think they're going to win it. >> looking that way.
there on september 24th in new york. the signs are also up on some san francisco city buses. we do not know again exactly what time those controversial ads are going to be posted. we do understand there will be one ad in each of four stations here at you street, and georgia avenue, glenmont and takoma stations. metro police say they are ready in case there are protests, though they don't expect any. >> melanie alnwick, thank you. >>> there looks to be no relief in sight for drivers as gas prices continue to rise. the average for a gallon of gas in d.c., $3.85. in maryland, it's $3.69. virginia, $3.59. the national average is at $3.80. but drivers in california are taking the hardest hit, where gas is 84 cents higher than the national average, at $4.65 per gallon. the governor there has ordered regulators to release winter blend gas early. that should help with a supply problem that's driving up the prices. the highest in our area probably, high tech was $5.99. >> yikes! crazy. >>> coming up, debate drama. the jon stewart/bill o'reilly drama didn't go off without a hitch. >> we'll take you to flor
been up in san francisco, up in new york. she had similar ads in miami and washington, d.c. there have not been the terrorist attacks and what city is next? whatever she wants to go to. >> and not filing a lawsuit any time soon. >> there is always going to be lawsuit when is the government violates the constitution rights. the cities that put them up without restricts and have their have not been lawsuits, obviously. they're protecting the rights of freedom of speech. >> okay. >> the city is going to prohibit as in washington, d.c., they will likely be sued again and i suspect we'll win again. >> robert muse on the phone with us. good to you have here, sir. >> and thank you for having me. >>> another big story at 5, new information in the july altercation outside of a capitol hill 7-eleven that left political analyst david mercer with a serious head injury. no criminal charges will be filed in the case and the case is now closed. >> reporter: what happened to david mercer outside of the maryland avenue 7-eleven, police and prosecutors are satisfied it was not a crime. the man who hit h
joyce reporting. the man is facing resisting arrest and animal cruelty charges. >> sounds like san francisco out there. >> doesn't it, though, a little fog going on. we had a lot of heavy rain today and a front trying to push through having a hard time. where it's setting up shop, you can see the boundary here. we've got a lot of fog and a little drizzle as well. we don't have a dense fog advisory issued yet, but if it continues like this, some spots may have very reduced visibility in the morning. you may want to plan extra time. be sure to check out tucker barnes in the morning. that's how it's looking now. here at fox 5 we'll show you where we're seeing those visibilities at this hour. not everybody is fogged in, but from the district on north there is a section of the metro area that's a little worse. quantico has good visibility, leonard town as well and manassas not bad. you get sort of between dulles to gaithersburg, d.c. to prince george's county and down even through nats park where if you were watching the game, you saw the fog out there. it will be a concern in some area
happened near. our nationals should be in this. it is the scarred signals out there in san francisco. and you know what? they're pretty good too. at some point, we have to give them a little bit of credit. >> in do we have to? >> carlos beltran going deep. they had a six-run lead. 6-0. does that sound familiar? >> yeah, it sounds familiar. >> does it sound familiar, tucker? >> wouldn't it be great if the giants did to them what they did to us. but no, the cardinals figure out how to hold on. cardinals win 6-4 and they lead this best of seven series one game to none t still does pain me when i look up and see the card signals out there. i walked out of that place and it was like leaving a funeral with 50,000 of your closest friends. it was tough to watch. everybody had a bad night that night. i thought daffy john sop, i thought everybody, the players, everybody. there is nothing can you do about that. i hope and i trust that the players are taking it as hard as we are and the fans and this will be the motivation that it never happens again in our house. >> it was history in the making
the san francisco giants who have an unbelievable comeback story of their own. >> be a nice coast to coast series for sure. >>> let's take a look at the weather. sue palka was actually at the game tonight, came in sort of incognito with her hat, but what a game. >> took me an hour to inflate my hair from the hat head that i. had it was a fantastic game. if you're -- that i had. it was a fantastic game. if you're going tomorrow night, take your hoodie and layer up with an extra jacket and have your underlying t-shirt. go ryan zimmerman and jayson werth and pack your natitude. it was a blast out there today. let me show you the forecast tomorrow. 8:37 is the game. it will be a coal one, but the true nats fan -- cold one, but the true nats fans won't mind the temperature, probably 51 degrees for the first pitch. it will be the cold he is night of the season so far -- coldest night of the season so far and by the time wraps up we'll probably be 47 degrees. i'm sure you can deal with it. just keep that winning natitude. yes, go nats. i'm going to see if i can get a ticket for tomorrow night, to
it again. >> -- the panda is not going to do it again. giants win game one 8-#. who had san francisco in the world series. >> i believe that would be one wisdom martin. >> only one game. the giants win game one 8-1. >> chris cooley is back at practice. he is back yesterday and mike shanahan said he kind of like the way 47 looks. hens he looks like he is still in football shape. we'll find out. they are going up to pittsburgh on sunday. we are hoping london fletcher won't be out but chris cooley could be in. >> i think it was nice to sit back and look around and watch football games and watch the league and i looked at it and thought i can do this. i know i'm as good as a lot of these players. it is a good opportunity for me to prove that. >> i'm very happy. i didn't want to see him go like that. it is crazy how stuff is happening. things happen for a reason. i hated to see fred go down but when i heard it might have been something that he won't be able to come back for us, chris was the first thing that popped into my head. i'm happy to see him back. >> the captain has not looked like
between the giants and tigers. san francisco came in leading one game to none. -- game two of the world series between the giants and tigers. baumgartner would go seven innings and allow no runs. prince fielder tried to score from first. go, go, go, go! get down. no, he's out. he was thrown out at the plate. giants win 2-0 and take a two games for none lead. game three is in detroit tomorrow night here on fox 5. o now to the latest on the redskins injury bug. left hand don fletcher's streak of playing 231 consecutive games is in jeopardy. he has missed two straight practices because of problems with his balance and a hamstring injury. pierre garcon may need surgery. the skins head back out on the road this sunday to face the pittsburgh steelers. can you catch the action here on fox 5. kickoff is at 1:00. >>> coming up income, a look at what is new at the movies. >> the sessions is hitting theaters based on a true story. find out why it is already getting a whole lot of oscar buzz. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive
.       >>> technical difficulties there. more than halloween they're celebrating in san francisco. today is the parade for the giants. the team of course swept the tigers in four straight games to win their second world series title in three years. the route will be about a mile and a half and ends at city hall, where the team will address the fans. >>> it's official, a new world series of poker champion crowned. winner is from maryland. 24-year-old greg merson of laurel won a short time ago. in case you're wondering, he beat the opponent with an all in king high. he wins more than $8 million. >> wow! >> that's pretty incredible. how many people do you think are calling him now, remember when i taught you how to play poker? >> grandma. >>> national -- the nationals -- a national caps off a stellar season. >> play on words. >> should have read it in advance. and wizard come up short and a redskin reacts to his on the field tirade. dave is back. >> nice to talk sports again. get a little break of what we've had. adam laroche, 33 homeruns, 100 rbis and first ever gold glove. here's the deal, the team has
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